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During these stressful times, CallTech Medical Devices is dedicated to making it easy for Laboratories and other Medical Institutes to find the fastest most reliable Medical Device Test Kit approved supplier they need. . It is now, more important than ever for Covid-19 Testing to be as quick and seamless as possible. CallTech is a highly experienced Importer with a passion for solving business issues, rather then focusing on problems alone.

We integrated with a third party Mobile App to track and trace results and patients for a all round solution. 

Our Medical Devices

Shangai ZJ Bio-Tech Open RT-PCR Covid-19 Kit
For Laboratory use

Preferred but not limited to the following Laboratory instruments:

1) ABI Prism 7500/7900
2) Bio-Rad CFX96
3) Rotor Gene 6000
5) MIC POC Dx48 instrument

SAHPRA Certified

Yuno Diagnostics Rapid Test Kit
For Profesional use only
  • WHO approved list of Serological Test Kits (Antibodies IgG/IgM)
  • CE Certified
  • China Certified
  • Japan Certified
  • National Institutes of Food and Drug Control which is most authoritative testing center in China

SAHPRA – Pending

Many More Test Kits Coming Soon...
Swine Flu, HIV, Diabetes, etc.


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